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1.     What is the MBA travel basketball program?


The MBA provides the opportunity for boys and girls in grades 4-8 who live in Montgomery Township to play competitive basketball against teams from other towns. Tryouts are scheduled in September/October, with practices starting in November and games scheduled from November through mid-March.


2.     What are the goals of the MBA travel basketball program?


The goals of the MBA travel program are to help young basketball players develop their skills individually and collectively as a team in a competitive environment, build character and leadership skills, and exhibit fair play and good sportsmanship. The MBA seeks to improve each player’s individual skills (such as ball-handling, passing, shooting and defense) and basketball IQ (good decision making, handling pressure, situational awareness) while teaching that success comes from hard work, commitment and teamwork. Understanding team play and movement, the importance of practice and preparation, and being accountable to your teammates and coaches are all key components of being a successful basketball player and good teammate. While every team strives to win, it is not the primary goal. The focus is on understanding what it takes to compete and how to compete fairly while exhibiting good sportsmanship.


3.     How are the travel teams selected?


The travel teams are selected by the Travel Selection Committee ("TSC") after the conclusion of tryouts. The TSC is comprised of 5 members:

         VP of Travel Basketball

         Travel Director, Girls

         Travel Director, Boys

         MBA Board member (who does not have a child in the travel program)



We will form between 1-3 teams for each grade level, depending on the number of players with travel level ability and interest in each grade. The roster size for each team will be 10-12 players.


4.     What are the considerations used in the evaluation process?


Players will be evaluated on a wide range of skills in drills, game-like situations and scrimmages by independent outside evaluators and past and current travel coaches who do not have a child in that grade level. Evaluations will include scoring in at least 6 categories: ball-handling, passing, shooting, defense, rebounding, and intangibles (e.g., hustle, good sportsmanship, coachability).


There will be two days of tryouts. Tryouts will be closed to everyone other than evaluators and persons assisting with tryouts in order to provide all participants within the session an environment that promotes self-motivation, focus and cooperation. Players must attend at least one tryout session. Attendance at both sessions is strongly encouraged. There will be one make-up session offered for conflicts, but players should make every effort to attend both tryouts with their grade level to ensure the most optimal conditions for a fair and accurate evaluation.


Final selection and placement on each travel team will be done by the TSC based on tryout evaluations, prior season evaluations (if applicable), and particular team needs. The goal is to place each player in the best possible position to develop their skills and contribute to the overall development of the team.


5.     How are the travel team coaches selected?


Travel team coaches are selected by the TSC.  If you are interested in coaching, please submit a statement of interest detailing your playing/coaching experience and any other relevant experience or community involvement by email to [email protected].  All coaches must have taken the Rutgers SAFETY clinic in order to coach in the MBA.


6.     What if my child plays another sport/activity that conflicts with basketball?


It is the expectation of the MBA that if your child is selected for an MBA travel team, basketball will be a priority during the season and that he/she will commit to attending each practice and each game. Practices are scheduled two evenings during the week starting in November with games mostly on the weekends (either Saturdays or Sundays) until mid-March. Of course, the MBA recognizes that illness, emergencies, and special school, religious or family events may arise during the course of the season. Those instances should be communicated to the coach as soon as they are known. Multiple absences may impact playing time and consideration of travel team selection in the future. For those who have questions about whether they can make this commitment for the entire season, please contact the VP of Travel Basketball before accepting a spot on a team. The MBA is very proud to offer a strong and successful recreation program for all players in grades K-12.


7.     What if I have additional questions?


Additional information will be provided during a parent meeting on the day of tryouts. You may also contact any member of the Travel Selection Committee at the email listed on the MBA website